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Do you find regular soap leaves your skin feeling dry and irritated? Is your skin sensitive to harsh chemicals? Here at Stellar Dairy Goat Farm in Dorrigo, our range of luxurious, all-natural goat milk soaps are handmade using milk from the ethically-raised goats on our farm. Every bar is made using the highest quality ingredients with no hidden additives, so you’ll always know what you’re using on your skin.

Goat milk soap – a natural choice

There are a wealth of benefits to using goat milk soap. Rich in vitamins, minerals and moisturisers, goat milk soap will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, without chemicals or palm oil. Naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids help to remove dead skin cells and can leave you looking years younger.

Goat milk soap also contains minerals like selenium, which is thought to play a role in preventing skin cancer. So if you want soft, smooth, healthy skin at an affordable price, goat milk soap is the perfect product for you!

Whether you’re after scented unscented, plain or decorative soap, we can provide exactly what you need, usually with same day service. We also offer a wide range of shapes which are ideal for gifts or an addition to your bathroom décor. 

Wholesale Enquiries Welcome

Large Goats Milk Soap Bars  $5.50 each or 5 bars for $25 over 70gms

Medium Goats Milk Soap Bars $4 each or 5 for $18 40gms-70gms

Small Goats Milk Soap Bars  $2.50  up to 40gms  or 5 for $10

Wedding Goats Milk Soaps  
Large $5 Medium $4 Small $2.50

Christmas Goats Milk Soaps  
Large $5 Medium $4 Small $2.50

stellar dairy goat farm heart shaped soap
 stellar dairy goat farm christmas special soap

For more information about our goat milk soap range or to arrange a visit to the farm, give us a call today on 0414 601 156

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